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This course is free. Our mission is to build the largest introvert to extrovert transitioning community in the world and help millions be happier and more satisfied with their lives.


Defining the Problem

You can’t overcome introversion without understanding exactly where and when it limits you; in other words, you have to be practical as it’s impossible to solve an undefined problem.

self reflection


How to Stop Overthinking

The minds of an extrovert and an introvert work very differently in social situations. Given a social input, for example, an insult, different people can have very different reactions.


The Confidence Dilemma

Does confidence come from knowledge or from character? Actually, people with very little culture and no objectives in their lives can be very confident in social situations.

confident woman


Conversation: How to Keep Talking Forever

Extroverts never run out of things to say. Is it pure magic or can you do the same? How exactly? Extroverts speak with purpose, and it seems like their brains…


Strangers: How to Approach & Start Talking

This can be fun! Not only, can it bring you opportunities, knowledge and new relationships. Taking initiative in a natural way and without pressure is absolutely possible (and easy).

being open
friendship connection


Friends: Build & Nurture Connections

As an adult it can be more and more complicated to make new friends. However, this is completely possible and normal. In this chapter we will explore how to start…


Group Dynamics & Dealing with Social Circles

Extroverts love large groups of people. How do they differ from 1:1 interactions and how can you thrive in these scenarios? First of all, group situations are very different from…



The Power of Emotions

Can you understand your feelings and are you able to be fully expressive without any filters? Being expressive can make life funnier and easier; introverts tend to filter everything while…


Life as an Extrovert

What’s on the other side? Is is all nice and simple or also extroverts face their challenges in social settings? This chapter will give you a better understanding on how…


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