We “turn” introverts into extroverts

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Is change possible?

While some assert that introversion is an unalterable trait, an immutable aspect of who you are, history is well-supplied with stories of individuals who triumphed over their initial shyness to embrace extroversion. At this juncture of possibilities, two paths emerge: the “conservative” way of self-acceptance and the “proactive” journey of intentional change.

Is change right?

While introversion can offer benefits like strong analytical skills and joy in solitude, it can often carry a high degree of social stigma (here’s a demonstration). While some may argue “There’s nothing wrong, that’s just who you are”, we believe that if some aspects of introversion are limiting you or making you unhappy, you can change for the better.

How can change happen?

Changing one’s personality is not like pursuing an algebra degree or practicing to play the guitar. Unfortunately, embarking on a journey of change surpasses the realm of conventional learning. This process demands a profound shift that occurs at the very core of one’s identity. We can help people change, if there’s something they don’t like about their character.

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Your Improspeak journey