About us

We are a non-profit initiative committed to helping the slient half of the population in overcoming their obstacles when it comes to communicating with others and live a balanced and happy life.

What we can provide


We are committed to maintain and update the most advanced introvert to extrovert roadmap in the world, thanks to the practical inputs of our community and our research. This is a very actionable and in-depth tool that can quickly boost your extrovert skills.


We have a very active facebook group of people with one goal in mind: transforming from introvert to extrovert. Inside this group we discuss our challenges and help each other find practical solutions to become the best version of ourselves.


We conduct our research is through practical experience from the members of our community and write it down into our introvert to extrovert guide. We only focus on things that work, that are pragmatic and immediately functional.


We developed the most advanced introvert test in the world. This personality test can help you better understand yourself and see what actionable steps you need to undertake in order to overcome your barriers.

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